About Us

In 2019, the CEO of Stackfirst Publishing, Marcellus Simmons found himself badly injured and out of work because of a car accident. In a constant search for income and financial freedom, he ended up coming empty-handed on a few business investments. Marcellus then built a publishing company about something that he has a genuine passion for. His mission has always been about providing and lending a helping hand to those in need. Marcellus set out for a company that will allow himself and others to bring forth positive and uplifting light towards readers and watchers all over the globe. Stackfirst is born and here to generate creations for those who believe in themselves and the things they need to publish!


Stackfirst is an established publishing business that does not shy away from building our community and culture. We do this by providing a foundation for all individuals and creating talented masterpieces.
In loving memory of Timothy "Stackfirst" Wade